We are not only a design or media production company. We create a story for your business, making your brand come alive to your customers.

Inspired by the beauty of north

Probably you ask yourself why Nord Elk? The elk is a majestic animal that lives in the colder sides of the world. Scandinavia is one of them, and this name suggests the transparency of the coldness, the serene beauty of the nature or the highness of the fjords. This description is a guideline of our activity in Nord Elk IVS: to work transparently and to inspire trust, serenity and a good vibe to our clients.


Our main belief is that telling beautiful stories is one of the most important assets in business. This is the reason why we use technology to express creativity: to give meaning to clients' business ideas by showcasing them to the world in beautiful stories.

As a story has a bit of salt and pepper, a beautiful identity is consisted of more sides, fact for which we collaborate with developers, designers and copywriters, in order to be able to create beautiful stories.