Drinks to Go | Coffee Shop

The customer has just opened a Coffee to Go shop in a small city in Romania. The concept behind is that he does not offer only a whole range of coffee types, but also teas, organic juices, etc. Therefore, he needed a logo that would be representative for his business, that would stand out in the crowd (there are already a handful of coffee shops in the city) and also, to appeal to the customers and make them willing to buy his products.
With these specifications given, we have used a warm colour palette together with a playful font, in order to enhance the cozy atmosphere that buying these products would create. Based on an analysis in colour psychology within marketing, orange expresses friendliness and also inexpensiveness, while brown shades mean longevity, earth, and in our case, it is mainly associated with coffee. In order to test the logo, we have used it in posters with the products offered, on different backgrounds and in different contexts. Moreover, we managed to create some wallpapers, based on the image identity given by the logo, which are on the windows of the shop and explain the price range of the available products.