Dusty Roads | Travel Blog

Dusty Roads is a travel blog which addresses to Romanian young readers (20 to 45 years old), passionate about trips, adventure and lifelong learning through experiences and travelling. It is a growing community, where people can read about the places I have travelled to, discover new ways of making their holidays better, find out tips and advices for them in order to live the best experiences in their further trips. 
In terms of design, the colours, the layout, the aspect that Dusty Roads needs to be associated with, both in online and later on, in offline, is modern, simplistic, user friendly, warm and welcoming. It has to emphasise the multimedia content, which is the part that catches the eye the most, to use a nice sans-serif font in the article area, for an increased aesthetic effect and readability. The website has to have visible social media buttons integrated, a clear menu structure and of course, to be responsive for all screen sizes.