The Romanian Orthodox Diocese of Northern Europe

The Romanian Christian Orthodox communities around the Nordic countries are united under the Romanian Orthodox Diocese of Northern Europe. The old website of the Diocese used to be outdated, with a late 2000’s design and a unstructured menu, reason for which the Diocese needed a fresh look, keeping the coat of arms unchanged, this having also the logo’s function.
The front page displays important content, such as the latest news, the most important activities that the Diocese is implied in and also, a section that encourages people to make donations to a fund that helps children living in poverty in Romania. The new website is built on CMS, having a responsive theme, suitable for all screen sizes, that was modified according to the needs of the Diocese and it’s followers. This is also suitable for younger audiences, as the navigation bar is appealing and also, modern items such as icons are combined with an archaic typography for the titles and sans-serif letters for the main content. This blend makes a good readability for all the devices, a clean and fresh visualisation and in general, a user friendly interface.