What we do

We choose to offer to our customers a whole experience instead of a limited product. In the digital industry, the work area is quite broad, and therefore, our goal is to deliver the best experience, by offering a complete new overview on the aesthetics, content and functionality, aspects that combined can lead to a great visual identity for you or your company. Even if we are mostly operating on a B2B side, we are also pleased to collaborate with individuals.

Your online presence

provides you with access to a high number of potential customers, and this is why your whole online presence should be exquisite. Having a strong website that properly communicates the value proposition to your customers, a light user interface, and a straightforward customer service are the key elements of a powerful online communication through the company's platform.

Your (moving) images

Either we talk about photography or video, Nord Elk IVS is here to help you with producing quality product photography, as well as promotional videos that can lead your company to stand out in the crowd. Photography and video production are some of the most interactive types of content, that have great results if they are done properly. We are with you in the process until the end, so after the time used for shooting and post processing we can deliver to you a polished and brand new material.

Your visual identity & brand

If your company is aspiring to grow in the eyes of your audience, it might need a refresh on the identity. It's not as much about content, but more about the package. We are able to offer to small and large companies branding services, like designing logos, font faces that fit the identity and all types of marketing materials. Our way of working is based on co-creation, so we always involve our client in the process, in order to get to know each other and to fit the client's needs.

Your social approach 

stands as one of the main assets in the online perspective of your company. Therefore, according to your necessities, we help you shape a long term social media strategy, that can lead your company to reach more audiences that might be interested in what you offer. Moreover, we help you to set up and implement a newsletter, a relevant tool for user engagement, together with planning the content tailored to your work field.

Do it yourself

The list remains open, as all the content created by us is tailor-made. Therefore, may there be any of these above (and not only) that can help your business grow, we can design a customised package of services, according to your needs.